Landscape Portfolio

J. A. Crowdle Corporation has planned and executed hundreds of landscape and hardscape projects over the years. We’ve put this portfolio together as an “idea-starter” and to let you see what we can do for you! We’ve included some of our favorite and most dramatic before-and-after transformations for your enjoyment. We hope you have as much fun looking at them as we did creating them!

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Brookline Patio Project Before & After

We transformed an unusable backyard into an outdoor living space by installing a bluestone patio surrounded by beautiful plantings and a waterfall.

Newton Cobblestone Driveway Project Before & After

We removed an aging and damaged asphalt driveway and replaced it with a new decorative concrete paver driveway that enhanced the look and the utility of the area.

Newton Landscape Installation Project Before & After

We created a beautiful, pet-friendly woodland planting in a previously unused (and unloved) border at the rear of this property.

Fairway Drive Project Before & After

We removed an aging deck and created an outdoor living space to both entertain and open up the back yard.

Ward Street Project Before & After

J.C. Landscaping Company reconstructed a deteriorating entrance to compliment the architectural features of the house by adding a natural bluestone and cobblestone walkway.

Lexington Walkway Project Before & After

We converted a plain, unused front yard to a warm and inviting entry that was both functional and aesthetically pleasing.