Lawn Care

Manicured Lawn
When it comes to lawn care, J.A. Crowdle Corporation is your complete, one-stop shop. We are licensed and fully insured and regularly train our employees, so they can provide you with only the BEST service.


We can provide weekly or biweekly mowing that is professional and on schedule. We have the right equipment and we use “best practices” including keeping our mowing blades at seasonally appropriate heights, altering the direction of our mowing to
promote lush, upright grass growth, and keeping our blades sharp. Our mowing service includes line edging and blowing all clippings off of hard surfaces.

Treatments:Top Dressing Newton

J.A. Crowdle Corporation provides 3 complete fertilizer programs: Premiere, Non- Pesticide, and Organic; as well as weed management and insect controls using IPM (Integrated Pest Management) techniques to minimize the need for harsh chemicals. Any of the previous programs can be combined or customized to your specific needs. Our lawn care technicians are licensed and certified!

Dethatching, Aeration, and Seeding:

J.A. Crowdle Corporation provides lawn recovery and renovation services. If your lawn is overtaken by heat or disease and needs to be rebuilt, we have an array of services that can lead to lawn renewal.